In Louisiana Convicted Murderers Have More Civil Rights Than School Children with Disabilities

BESE considered passing a policy banning corporal punishment years ago but has not shown any interest since. BESE should review the data on corporal punishment collected by the state so the public can be made aware of the extent that it is used and which students are most likely to be disciplined this way. In some parishes, if you are a black male child with a disability, receiving corporal punishment at some time during the school year is almost assured.

Crazy Crawfish

When I saw this video and story recently it reminded me why I became an education activist 4 years ago and also why I have become a Libertarian more recently. We have allowed our government to become our punisher instead of our protector. The Louisiana government has given itself the right to treat your children worse than it treats convicted murderers.  People need to realize it’s our job to reign in our government, not the other way around.

In Georgia a woman was told she must grant the school district the right to “paddle” her 5 year old son or she would go to jail if they had to suspend him. He had missed 18 days of school for various dignostic tests for cancer. At least 19 States, including Louisiana, allow corporal punishment in schools. Louisiana is one of the only states, if not the only state, that grants school…

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